Are you flappy?


I have recently lost a bit of weight eating a whole food plant-based diet, Weight Watchers and intermittent fasting.

It’s crazy how my ankles and wrists look like they belong to someone else. When you compare my face in photos from a year or more ago the difference is shocking.

The downside to all of this is that I have bit of flappy skin. I didn’t really notice it until recently when I kind of slacked off on my diet and have been maintaining my weight for the last couple of months.

Loose skin is the bane of those enjoying weight loss almost as much as french fries are its nemesis. I didn’t put two-and-two together until I saw this video on YouTube this morning about loose skin and intermittent fasting. It has revitalized my motivation to finish up this journey and also explains in detail why intermittent fasting help alleviate loose skin.

So have a watch, eat some cool watermelon and take comfort that you don’t need plastic surgery. 🤗



All Over the Place


I started writing some random feeling, thoughts, and whatnots here eight freaking years ago. EIGHT!   Just like everyone, a lot has happened in those eight years and looking back the posts paint a picture of how wandered off my path and become so lost at times.

Or maybe, those ups, downs and loops and u-turns have always been a part of my journey… who is to say ❤

One Seed at a Time


When I was 11 or 12 years old, my science class raised a brood of Monarch Butterflies. Watching their life cycle up until we released them was by far the most incredible school experience I can recollect.

Last fall, I came across numerous patches of Milkweed near our home, got all sorts of excited, and started watching them faithfully hoping for some sightings. It was pretty late in the season and I only saw a few. But I vowed to start early in 2014.



So yesterday I went out and gathered a few seeds and planted them nearer to home.




Now to see what happens 😉


Tour de Cure 2014


Tour de Cure 2014

Today, 180 people will have a limb amputated due to Diabetes. Can you imagine ?

Please help me make a difference by making a donation to the American Diabetes Association via Tour de Cure Colorado, where I’ll be cycling 50k this year to support this great cause.

It’s fast, secure and easy! Donations begin at $5 with PayPal, credit or debit !

Confessions and Proposals


So lets talk about 2013 for a moment.

I made some resolutions. Three to be accurate.

  • Become financially fit   (budget)
  • Become as vegan as possible   (adopt a plant based lifestyle)
  • Keep a journal  

I can proudly say I have completed all three [insert pat on the back here].

I am not financially fit as someone cool like Laurene Jobs bit I am close! Winking smile aka; I increased my FICO score by 96 points and still have a little money left over between paychecks. The Theresa of 10 years ago would have rolled on the floor laughing at such a ridiculous notion while crying about the negative balance in her checking account..

I not only stopped eating all meat and dairy, but I lost a ton of weight in the process, can run a 5k (a 2013 first) and have become so filled with compassion that I am uncomfortable walking through the meat section in a grocery store. aka; I can now run/cycle away from any marauding zombies while holding a conversation and hugging kitties.

Journal keeping has morphed into such a stress reliever. I am sure I’d jump off a bridge without the Momento and Gratitude iPhone apps. Island with a palm tree.

Now that is all said and done….

photo 1 (8)


I also became a huge believer in the law of attraction. In doing so, I have experienced some damn incredible things. Example: I parked in the same parking spot at the Park n Ride every day from August to Jan, though two holiday seasons.

Anywho… I need to get on with my plans for 2014.

Since I drive all freaking day I have lots of time to think.  This can be good or bad, totally depending on what you chose to ponder on.

To make a super long and dramatic story short, and to start my goals for 2014…

  • I’ll never shed another tear or have a sleepless nightmare filled night over you again. You, being a very specific individual in the beginnings of this thought, but now it includes anyone who would cause me emotional distress.
  • Decrease my 5k run time and my 50k cycle time and collect $1500 for the American Diabetes Association via Tour de Cure Colorado.
  • Improve my penmanship and crochet pattern reading skills.
  • Seriously look into home ownership. 

That’s enough for now, no one loves reading long rum influenced blogs anyway Shifty

Love and Blessings.

Theresa  PeaceRed heartDog face

Some Weird Shit is Happening


Early one morning few weeks ago, The Race Car Driver and I were chatting about his favorite 5k route, and then after he left for work, I ran it.

Just like that.

I didn’t know most of the route but just trusted in what he said and kept plugging along.  I set mini goals for myself all along the way,  and with Apple cheering me on and thinking about what the Race Car Driver would say, I just kept running.

“Just make it to that tree” awesome!

“The next part is downhill, totally cake!”

“Well.. I’ve made it this far, I bet the road is about half way, no problem!”

“God, I am hungry!”

“meh, that mini hill is just right around the bend..”

“Oh I am going to kick this hills ass!”

I had to run past home and then back to get the full 5k, which kinda sucked, but I finished when the MapMyFitness wench finally said 5k in 47 minutes and 56 seconds.  It wasn’t that bad and I was already planning when to do it again Smile  … you know, when my legs turned back to their normal state as opposed to the blobs of jelly I was lugging around at the moment.  To date, this moment ranks in the top 5 most Memorable Memories.

Fast forward to today – ok, well last night. 

Thinking about getting my car fixed and how Id get home after I dropped it off the thought occurred to me. (Thanks Apple)

“Just run home.”

Its about 5k, it’ll be cool…but I woke up to wind and snow (Thanks Colorado) so instead, I found my self cycling home listening to the new J T Album – 20/20 part 1and 2, in my pea coat, right pant leg tucked into my sock, in the snow and loving it. 

 PeaceRed heartIn love

Just Felt Like it


The Beginning

In essence, each of us has the voices. You know the ones, like Jiminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder? Yea… except I think mine is a hippie girl named Apple.

I haven’t always heard Apple though. I didn’t find her voice until a handful of years ago during a time of dark oppression. Then BAM! She was standing there saying “I don’t want to do this anymore!”

And I began walking steadily on my path from that day on. No more of this wobbling around like a drunk trying to find his way home, but a steady march. (With a few stumbles here and there)

Fast forward to today:

While walking Alexander this morning, no MapMyFitness app, no music, no Couch to 5k telling me what to do, just me, the dog and the early morning birds. It was rather nice truth be told.  Strolling along I notice my pace is noticeably quicker than it used to be and then Apple says “ You should run home. Just because you can.”

So much like Forest, I ran.

Down the hill, around the corner, along the path, up the hill, around the corner and then I was at my street. It wasn’t crazy far, only about a mile.  I was breathing easy and had barely broken a sweat.

Heh, only about a mile? Did I just hear myself correctly? In the not so distant past I struggled walking through the freaking parking lot and I just ran a mile, for the sake of just running.

How effing cool is that! As Apple cheered on my shoulder I finished my walk home, excited about sharing what I just did, and all that it implies.